YAY! Its time to order your buttons!

What we need from you! 

Just text buttons: If you have an awesome saying, quote, or message only, send us the text and what color and typeface you would like the text to be. Also what color you want the button background to be. 

Graphic: We prefer unflattened PSD, and text outlined AI/EPS, but will take what ever you got! PDF, PNG, JPEG! All our printing is done in CMYK. (This sadly means we can not do neon colors) This will cause some color change if you send a graphic in RGB. We always do out best to match Pantone.

Perimeter text: Do you want your website or phone number on your button, but don't want it to interfere with your amazing graphic? We can put in on the perimeter of the button. That way people know how to contact or find out more about you. Let us know if you would like anything on the perimeter and we can place it there!

Mock Buttons: The last thing you (and us) want is to get your buttons and have them not be what you wanted. So we email a photo of a mock button to you. This way you know what your getting! 

Where to send you graphic or text:
Email your graphic to ordering@brokensealbuttons.com
Please send your graphic as an attachment. unflattened PSD, and text outlined AI/EPS is the best file type for us and will usually be a great resolution but we will take what you got! 
If you have any question feel free to contact us

Standard turn around is 3-4 days after confirmation of button design. (orders of 1-2,500)
and 4-7 on orders of 2,500 or more
Please contact us for timing for orders of 10,000+
Orders of 1,000 buttons or less can usually be done quicker upon request. 1-3 days depending on order size and other current orders